Substance Use Treatment & Prevention

The misuse and abuse of alcohol, over-the-counter medications, illicit drugs, and tobacco affect the health and well-being of millions of Americans.    - substance abuse and mental health services admin

warning signs:


  • Mood changes (temper flare-ups, irritability, defensiveness)

  • Academic problems (poor attendance, low grades, disciplinary action)

  • Changing friends and a reluctance to have parents/family get to know the new friends

  • A "nothing matters" attitude (lack of involvement in former interests, general low energy)

  • Finding substances (drug or alcohol) in youth’s room or personal effects

  • Physical or mental changes (memory lapses, poor concentration, lack of coordination, slurred speech, etc.)


Annie's Apothecary

Annie's can provide NARCAN (opioid antagonist) training and dispensing to at-risk individuals and/or their caregivers or parents without a physician visit or prescription via a Texas State Program.  NARCAN can temporarily block the actions of an opioid overdose until further medical treatment is provided.

San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness
SACADA provides substance abuse prevention education, presentations and activities to youth and adults in Kendall County. They also provide information about resources for recovery for adults in early recovery in Bexar County.  All prevention services are free. Get online and talk with a recovery coach if you can't come to the office:
Janel Whidbee, MD​​​

Treat ages 18 & up. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, ADHD.

Beth Linfoot Counseling, PLLC
Individual counseling, teen counseling (14 yrs+), couples counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling, groups, parent coaching
Hill Country Family Services
Food pantry, clothing, and household goods assistance, Christmas program, Back-to-school program, Thanksgiving program.
Windmill Wellness Ranch
Windmill Wellness Ranch is a co-occurring inpatient and outpatient treatment center specializing in trauma therapies, substance abuse disorders and mental health. 
Recovery Werks!
Providing resource services to teens, young adults and their families facing substance use disorder.  We have group support meeting twice per week, one-on-one counseling and sober group activities.
Celebrity Care Medical Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey Butts, D.O. - Addiction specialist, opioids, alcohol maintenance and more.

sigma logo.png
Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care
Walk-in, same day appointment, psychiatric services.  All ages.  Bridge care, medication management, counseling.